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Classic blackjack is the most popular and most traditional version of the blackjack game. Also known as “traditional blackjack”, “twenty-one” and just “blackjack”, gamblers in South Africa can play this game online. Whether gamblers play classic blackjack as a live dealer game or as a standard online casino game, they are bound to be entertained.

Classic Blackjack Game South Africa

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Classic Blackjack Rules

Beginners usually find the rules of the game quite straightforward. Below are some basic rules that players will need to know before starting to play classic blackjack.

Cards in Traditional Blackjack

  • Classic blackjack can be played with as little as a single deck to as much as eight
  • The numbers of decks which are commonly used are 2, 4, 5 and 6.
  • The player and dealer each receive two
  • One of the dealer’s cards faces down, and the other faces up.

Card Values in Classic Blackjack

  • Aces can either be counted as 1 or 11.
  • Cards with values between 2 and 10 are counted their by respective number.
  • Jacks, Queens and Kings are respectively counted as 10.
  • The player needs to reach a hand that is closer to 21 than the dealer’s before the dealer does without exceeding 21.
  • Suits of cards are irrelevant.

Winning in Classic Blackjack

  • The player wins when their hand’s value is equal to or less than 21 and higher than the dealer’s
  • Another win for the player is when their hand value is 21 or less, and the dealer’s is over 21.
  • The term “blackjack” also refers to a hand of two cards with a value of 21.
  • A blackjack hand (valued at 21 with two cards) is also known as “Natural” or “Natural blackjack.”

Many gamblers in South Africa enjoy playing classic blackjack online. It is even available on mobile devices to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

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