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Online Sic Bo South Africa

Online sic bo casino South AfricaOnline Sic Bo comes from the ancient Chinese game of Sic Bo which is also referred to as “hi-lo”, “big and small”, “dai siu” and “tai sai”. It is an old game, but today it is still one of the most played casino games in South Africa.

In Online Sic Bo online, bets are based on the outcome of the three dice roll. The game is very dominant in other countries, and South African gamblers also enjoy playing the game.

Online Sic Bo derives from the oldest game of Sic Bo meaning “dice pair”.  The game was not as popular as other casino favourites like Roulette and Blackjack. Gamblers can play Online Sic Bo at some of the best online casinos in South Africa.

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How to Play Sic Bo Online

The rules of Online Sic Bo are easy and straight forward to understand. The different betting options found in this casino game make it slightly complicated. Players must select the bets they prefer to make before the dice is rolled and put their chips in the appropriate place when betting. Here are the steps to follow when playing Online Sic Bo:

  • You must check the wagering limits and how much each bet pays for the sic bo table that you have chosen.
  • After checking the limits, you buy chips.
  • Then you place your bets.
  • Wait for the dice to roll and display.
  • If you have won, you then take your winnings, and if you have lost then the croupier takes the money from the table.
  • The last step, if you have won, then you start again to buy chips.
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Online Sic Bo Game Rules and Bet Types

Not all betting options are available at your chosen online casinos. Here are the betting options that are available and are the standard betting options that are found in Online Sic Bo:

Odd or even

It is a simple betting choice. If you have bet on an odd number and the score becomes an odd number, then you win. The same method applies to betting on an even number.

Big and small

When a player wagers big, it means the player is wagering on the total score of the dice being 11 and 17; this also includes any number in between.

3 of a kind or Triples

This is the riskiest betting option. A player guesses that all three dices will end on a precise number that is between 1 and 5. Players can still win big on this betting option.

2 of a Kind or Double

Here players can choose a precise number between 1 and 6. Players guess that 2 out of the three dice will land on their chosen number.

3 Dice Total

Player wager on what the total value of the three dice will be.

2 Dice Combinations

Here a player selects a combination of 2 certain numbers. When two numbers show after the roll, the player wins.

4 Digit Combinations

It is when a player guesses four numbers that will appear on the next roll. 3 of the predicted numbers must show up on the roll for the player to win.

3 Single Digit Combination

Here a player bets on certain combined numbers that will show in the roll.

One Dice Bet

A player chooses a single number between1 and 6. You win if the number appears on the roll.

Best Sic Bo Strategy and Tips to Win

Online Sic Bo is a game of chance, but when there are tips and strategies for playing Online Sic Bo why not take advantage of them to improve your chance of winning? Top Online Casinos has listed some tips for playing online Sic Bo. Read on and learn a few things.

  • You should select a Sic Bo good table. You can choose the table that you think will play to your favour by looking at the numbers that are laid out in the middle of the table.
  • It is good to know and keep track of your gaming limits. Know both maximum and minimum limits that are available on a table that is in question.
  • Look out for promotions. Specific casinos offer some promotions on their table games. Check casinos that offer bonuses when you play Sic Bo.
  • Know when to stop. There is no use in winning large amounts of money only to lose it in seconds.
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Online Sic Bo History

Many people believe that Sic Bo is an ancient game. It originated from China, and it was known as Dai Siu or Tai Sai.

The Western world first got to know the game when Chinese workers introduced it to Americans while working on the Coast-to-coast Railroad. The game was used mostly as a carnival game, where winnings were smaller than what you would expect at a casino. The game was first realised in a land-based casino, and it was in Macau in the early 1970s, before it started to appear in Las Vegas casinos in the 1990s.

Online Sic Bo Terms and Glossary

Top Online Casinos has listed some of the terms that players may want to know when it comes to online Sic Bo. Here are the terms:

  • Any Double: betting on two of the three dice that you think will roll on the same number.
  • Any Triple: betting on the prediction that all three dice will be the same number.
  • Big: betting on the idea that the result of the dice roll will be 11, 17 or in between
  • Betting limits: the minimum and maximum amounts that can be used to bet at the table.
  • Even: a bet that all the three dice will equal a number that is even.
  • Odd: betting on the prediction that the result of the roll will be an odd number.
  • Cup: is for games of Sic Bo that don’t use a shaker or cage. A dice can be used to mix up the dice.
  • Dai siu: it is another name for Sic Bo, which means big small.
  • Dice: the three cubes that are numbered on all its sides with pips from one to six. Dice are used to play Sic Bo.
  • Shaker: a device that looks like a snow globe that is used to mix up the dice.

Online Sic Bo FAQs

Every player is bound to have questions about Online Sic Bo. Here are some of the questions and answers that Top Online Casinos have complied. Read on to learn a few things.

What is Sic Bo?

Sic Bo works similarly to craps because both these games involve betting based on the results of the dice roll.

Can I play online Sic Bo for free?

Many real money casinos allow players to enjoy various games using free play before betting with real cash. So, yes you can play Online Sic Bo for free.

What is the highest payout in Sic Bo?

A specific triple bet is the highest payout in Online Sic Bo. It is when a player bets on all three dice rolling the same number.

Do I need anything to play Sic Bo online?

To play Online Sic Bo you need to make sure that you have an internet connection and a device that you will be playing on. You will also need to choose an online casino.

Are there any strategies on playing Sic Bo online for beginners?

Yes, there are. The game is also easy to learn. New players should place small bets as they are still learning the game.

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