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No download casinos are casinos that do not require players to download any software on to their device to begin playing. Online casino players in South Africa are able to enjoy the best casino games without having to use up space on their devices. These no download casinos are sometimes also known as instant play casinos. As the name clearly states, the gameplay is instant, there are no loading delays. Furthermore, these casinos are usually highly compatible with most operating systems, including those used on mobile devices.image of no download casinos sigh SA

Instant Play Casinos South Africa

R10000 Bonus
200+ Games
98% Payout
R12000 Bonus
160+ Games
98% Payout
R10000 Bonus
200+ Games
96% Payout
R11500 Bonus
450+ Games
96% Payout

Advantages of No Download Casinos

  • Usually only require players to install a flash player instead of bulky online casino software
  • Flash operations are more secure than using downloads because they do not leave permanent imprints on the computer once the casino is not open and browser history is clear.
  • Players can access their online casino from any computer that has a flash player and an Internet connection. No download casinos offer greater convenience and flexibility than download casinos because of this.
  • No download casinos are great for players with slow internet connections which could result in players having to wait several hours for the download to complete.
  • There is better compatibility with Macintosh and Linux operating systems. Players in SA using tablets or smartphones to access the casinos will greatly appreciate no download casinos.
  • The best thing about no download casinos is that you do not have to wait for the game to load before you can play. You can start playing at the click of a button.

Advantages of no download casinos


How No Download Casinos Work

Players who wish to play at no download casinos need to have Java or Flash player software installed on their computer depending on which technological platform the casino is operating on. Both these software are relatively small compared to online casino games software. The online casinos usually offer players with free downloads of the Flash players and Java software. Therefore, players must install the latest versions of the software to enjoy the best no download casino experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About No Download Casinos

image of frequently asked questions download casinos

Who needs to use no download casino software
Are no download casinos compatible with all Internet browsers
Are the games in no download casinos the same as in download casinos
How safe are no download casinos

Most of the best online casinos in South Africa offer both the no download and download casinos to players. It is up to the player to decide whether they like their casino built for speed or luxury.