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Online Craps Real Money South Africa

Online craps for real moneyOnline Craps is a dice game that is also commonly known as shooting dice game in other casinos. The two dice are thrown by the player on the craps table and punters predict the results of the dice roll.
Online Craps is one of the popular casino games at both brick and mortar casinos and at internet casinos.
Online craps is a full-speed and entertaining online casino game. Players enjoy shooting the dice and the level of thinking involved in the game.

Play Craps Online in SA


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Online Craps Rules

Every game has to have rules to make it easy to be played. Here are some Online Craps game rules:

  • Online Craps starts with the shooter who is the one who rolls the dice.
  • Players should take turns in throwing a pair of dice.
  • The first throw is in the come out roll phase by the shooter which starts the game round.
  • The shooter has to place a minimum bet on the Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line.
  • Then the dice are rolled.
  • The end of the game is when the come out roll equals to 2 or 3.
  • When the above happens, the player loses their pass line bets and the game ends.
  • When the come out of the roll is a 7 or an 11, then Pass Line bets wins and the game ends.
  • If a 12 is thrown, it is a tie, so no bets win, and the game ends.
  • In order for the game to continue to the point phase, a point number needs to be thrown.
  • Point numbers are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10.
  • When seven is rolled during the point phase, the Pass Line bets loses, and the game round is over.
Online craps with friends

Pass Line Bets and Don’t Pass Line Bets

Don’t pass line bets are bets that are the same as flat pass line bets. The bets work differently to the pass line bets.  Don’t pass line bet is an even money bet and in this case you are to win the same amount that you used to bet. When you are betting on the, don’t pass line bet it means that you are betting against the dice.

Pass line bet on this casino game wagering with the Craps online shooter, and it is the central bet in online craps. Pass line bet can be won if the results are a seven or eleven. The bet loses when the come-out roll is two or three.

If the dice roll is of another value, with the exception of twelve, it creates a point and the shooter rolls the dice again. If the gambler plays that point before a seven is rolled, then the wager wins.

Best Online Craps Tips for South African Players

Every player needs to know something about the game they are playing. Here are some tips on how to play Online Craps:

  • Newbies should be aware that Online Craps is not an easy table game, and they should not take it lightly. Online Craps is a challenging game, but many new players grasp it easily. You do not need to stay away from it because you are scared of a challenge.
  • You need to keep in mind that the house edge is important when playing Online Craps. When you bet big, the house edge advantage increases.
  • When you are new to the Online Craps, it is good to stick to little bets. You can stay in the Come Line Bet and Pass Line Bet.
  • Online Craps is a people’s game, a social game. So you will have to be polite and make the best out of your game.
  • Most importantly you must set your budget and stick to it. Don’t forget to take advantage of the casino bonuses offered to craps players.
  • You should also relax and enjoy the game.

How to Play Online Craps Games SA

Playing Online Craps is not that easy, but we all have to start somewhere. Here is a guide on how to play Online Craps on your desktop or mobile device:

  • Step 1: You need chips to play Online Craps. Put your money on the table and the dealer will give you chips for the money you placed on the table. You don’t need to bet all of your cash. When you are done playing, you can take any chips you are left with to the cashier booth to change them back into money.
  • Step 2: Players should take turns in rolling the dice even though everyone will be betting on the same roll. Whether you are the one rolling or not, you can still lose or win your bet.
  • Step 3: The shooter must keep rolling until they roll a losing also known as evening out.
  • Step 4: To make the Pass Line bet, you have to wait for the dealer to turn the big button off. Meaning a new round of the game is about to begin.
  • Step 5: Once the puck goes off, you can put your chips on the part that is marked, Pass Line. The shooter then rolls the dice. The first roll of the round is the Come Out roll.
Online craps game free

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Online Craps Casino Glossary

Not every player will know how all the terms and glossary used when playing Online Craps. Here are some of the terms that Top Online Casinos have listed to help you get by:

  • Shooter: shooter is the player who is throwing the dice.
  • Point: a point is a digit that is played in the come-out roll, it is any number excluding 2, 3, 7, 11, and 12. That numeral will then be the pointing digit for the round of the game.
  • Hard way: it is a bet that both dice will display the same numbers, like 22 or 44, then it is known as Hard 4 and Hard 8 individually.
  • Any Craps: a bet that the next throw will be two, three or twelve.
  • Come Out Roll: first, throw in any of the Craps rounds. This form of roll sets a mark for all don’t pass bets and pass line bets.
  • Don’t Come Bet: betting that seven will show before the point is recognised again.
  • Natural: A Come out Roll that is of seven or eleven.
  • Any Seven: a bet that the next roll will be a total seven.
  • Boxcars: a gamble that the next throw will reach a total of twelve.
  • Aces: betting that the succeeding roll will be a total of two.

Online Craps FAQs

Every player has a question to ask, especially new players. Top Online Casinos has compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about online craps.

Can I throw the dice in Online Craps?

It all depends on where you are playing, whether at a land-based or online casino.  At online casinos, you will be the shooter.

Can I play Online Craps for free before betting with real money?

Yes, you can play Online Craps for free. You can play on a free mode, where you don’t need to use real money to play. Free play is more like a demo game.  You can practice your gaming skills on free play and learn the rules of the game before playing for real money.

Can I be sure that Online Craps game is fair?

A reputable casino that is licensed and regulated is a good casino to play any casino game. At these online casinos, you can be sure that the games are fair.

What are my chances of winning an Online Craps game?

Chances of winning an online craps game are good as long as you know that craps is a game of chances. It all depends on your luck.

Why is it called Craps?

The word “craps” comes from the French word “crapaud” and it means “toad”. When people started playing the game, they used to crouch over and this is where the game gets its name.

After a point is established for a come bet, where should I place the chips on the table to show that I want to bet the odds?

There is no particular place. You have to tell the dealer to put your chips on the odds.

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