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Top Online Casinos Privacy Policy

From here on “site”, “website” and “TOC” will refer to Top Online Casinos and “you”, “your” and “user” will refer to any user of this website. It is vital for you to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy before using this site.

Top Online Casinos - Privacy Policy

General Information and Policy

  • Users of the Top Online Casinos website must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Your personal information is collected and retained by Top Online Casinos when you use their services.
  • Information is used by Top Online Casinos for various purposes.
    • Contacting you
    • Research
    • Improvement of their services
    • Customising content

Changes to the Top Online Casino Privacy Policy

  • Top Online Casinos may make changes to this privacy policy. If and when important changes have been made, users will be notified.

Top Online Casinos Disclosure

  • Top Online Casinos does not accept any responsibility for incidents which occur at any of the casinos recommended by Top Online Casinos or any other entity.
  • Your information will only be given with your permission or if any of the below exceptions apply.
    • If court orders or any other legal processes are presented
    • To trusted companies with no right to distribute the information – under confidentiality agreements
    • If Top Online Casinos is merged with or acquired by another company

Top Online Casinos Confidentiality

  • Top Online Casinos employees only have access to the users’ personal information which they need in order to effectively do their jobs.
  • Top Online Casinos implements safeguards and offers a secure environment to protect the personal information of users.

Security at Top Online Casinos

  • The Top Online Casinos website is secure, so personal information of users is protected.
  • Top Online Casinos’ IT team ensures protection against loss, alteration and misuse of information.
  • Top Online Casinos is guarded against security breaches and any other cyber threats.

Top Online Casinos Content Condition

  • Top Online Casinos does not guarantee that all the content on this website is accurate.
  • It is the users’ responsibility to confirm information before acting upon it.
  • Top Online Casinos reserves the right to make changes to the content on this website without notice.


  • Top Online Casinos is not responsible for advising or mediating between gamblers and online gambling sites on disputes they might have.
  • Users’ complaints which are directly related to Top Online Casinos are dealt with effectively and efficiently.