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Mobile casinos are internet casinos which allow gamblers to play casino games on smartphones and tablets. Mobile Casinos in South Africa have flourished over recent years and more South African players see them as a viable alternative compared to traditional online casinos. A Mobile Casino can offer the same level of entertainment as desktop online casinos while giving the added ‘play anywhere, and anytime’ benefit. At Top Online Casinos, we find the best Mobile Casino games and bring you up-to-date casino news and information. We also write casino reviews on the best online casinos and Mobile Casinos for South African players to enjoy.

Top Mobile Casinos South Africa

R10000 Bonus
200+ Games
98% Payout
R12000 Bonus
160+ Games
98% Payout
R10000 Bonus
200+ Games
96% Payout
R11500 Bonus
450+ Games
96% Payout

 South African Mobile Casinos On the Go

Mobile Casinos offer a new way to stay entertained while still giving South African players the opportunity to boost their bank balances with real money.

Most South African Mobile Casinos are compatible with the current generation of mobile and tablet devices. These including iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Blackberry, and Windows phone.

Most of the Mobile Casinos are download casinos which players can download as a free, secure app from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. Casinos that do not offer a dedicated app require Android players to use Chrome and iOS players to use Safari as their preferred browsers to play the game.

We test every aspect of a mobile casino, from overall design and compatibility, the fun experience of the mobile casino games and customer support before we feature it.

image of online roulette game at mobile casino SA

Mobile Connectivity South Africa

The cost of ADSL internet connectivity within South Africa in 2017 is extremely high. Recent statistics show that South Africans turn to mobile devices to stay connected. This means mobile connectivity speeds have significantly increased in recent years. Coupled with the high uptake of smartphones, it has provided the perfect space for mobile casinos and online casinos in general to flourish in South Africa.

SA Mobile Casinos – Optimized for Smaller Screens

Mobile Casino games in South Africa have come a long way since the original small screen WAP games where players gambled for make-believe cash or in-game coins. Today, Mobile Casinos offer South African players the opportunity to play at real money casinos.

When the Apple App Store first opened shop in 2007, it changed what was possible for the mobile gaming industry. Instead of downloading directly from the mobile casino developers, players now download everything from a central marketplace, eliminating a lot of uncertainty and security threats.

One of the most popular games at the time of the launch of the App Store was Texas Hold’em.

One year later Google started the Google Play Store, which saw the rapid uptake of smartphones.

In 2010, the Mobile Casinos market radically changed with the advent of HTML5, a markup language used to create and present web content. HTML5 allowed for rich content, like animations and videos to be integrated into web-based mobile casinos. It gave players a more immersive experience while making cross-platform compatibility possible.

Mobile Casino Benefits Compared to Online and Land-based Casinos

Mobile Casinos offer players the ability to play wherever and whenever. Players are no longer forced to drive long distances to play at a land-based casino. Now they can simply pull their phones out of their pocket and enjoy the best mobile casinos games. Although mobile casinos don’t yet have the breadth and variety of online casinos on desktops, they will soon. As the demand for mobile casinos in South Africa increases, so will the amount of games on offer. Some of the most popular games on offer include mobile poker, mobile blackjack, mobile slots, and mobile roulette. The market is expanding and exciting new casino game titles are being added every day. So the more people play, the better it gets.

Mobile Casinos offer an escape from tedious daily routines and can make a boring commute much more bearable. Many players who have won big on Mobile Casinos did so after quickly switching on their phones to play while they waited in line.

Different Mobile Casino Platforms

Mobile Casinos offer the same experience regardless of players’ choice of smartphone. Some older devices like Blackberry, are hamstrung by software and hardware limitations, so these might have fewer features. Below is a list of some of the mobile devices players can use to play at their favourite Mobile Casino.

Image of South African mobile casinos on different devicesAndroid

Android is by far the most popular mobile OS in South Africa. The biggest mobile network in South Africa recently revealed that 61.4% of smartphones and 84% of tablets they sell run on Android. The casinos featured on Top Online Casino make sure that Android users have the same smooth experience as those on Windows and iOS.


Exclusively available on Apple devices, iOS is still less popular in South Africa than Blackberry and Only 7.9% of smartphones in South Africa run on Apple’s OS.


Despite rapidly losing market share worldwide, Blackberry remains a popular mobile OS in South Africa. Of all the smartphones in South Africa, 17.7% still run on the Blackberry OS. Some older Blackberry devices still support most South African mobile casinos but may lack some features.


Windows devices make up less than 5% of the market; they are compatible with current Mobile Casino games.

South African online casino players can expect the same interactive experience, including progressive jackpots casino bonuses, on mobile casinos as with a traditional online casino.

Safe and secure Mobile Casinos South Africa

image of secure mobile casinos South Africa

Just as with online casinos, it is paramount to stay safe while playing Mobile Casino games at a mobile casino in South Africa. Whether playing mobile slots, or free casino games, your safety is crucial. That is why you cannot play at just any mobile casino.

A Mobile Casino needs to take every possible precaution, using only the latest and greatest technology to keep your information safe.

All the mobile casinos featured on Top Online Casino employ the most advanced and secure methods to protect player information. Only safe, secure and licensed mobile casinos are featured.

One of the best ways to protect information sent between the player and the casino is to encrypt it. Encryption works by scrambling up all the information, making it impossible to decipher without the right key. Even data that is stolen or hacked from the casino is useless without the key.

Best Mobile Casino Bonuses

Just as with any reputable online casino, a good Mobile Casino should offer the best Mobile Casino bonuses for players. The best Mobile Casinos don’t just offer welcome bonuses, but recurring bonuses to reward players’ loyalty. Bonuses should not be the only deciding factor when choosing the best Mobile Casino or casinos online, but they are still an important aspect of the final decision.

Players can get bonuses like no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, and free spins when they play at South African Mobile Casinos.

Image of mobile casino bonuses South Africa

Mobile Casino Games South Africa

Traditional casino games like poker, slots, roulette, and blackjack have all made their way onto mobile devices. These games are optimized by Mobile Casinos to give players the same fun experience as they would on a desktop PC. Touchscreen technology makes the experience all the more interactive. Below are some of the most popular Mobile Casino games:

Mobile Poker

Mobile poker games offer players the opportunity to play against other players from around the world for real money. The game is similar in design and feel to desktop online poker, but offer players an added degree of privacy by giving them the chance to play when and where they like.

Mobile Slots

Many popular online slots have migrated to mobile devices. Compelling game themes coupled with superb graphics and sound quality make online slots more exciting than ever before. Many mobile casinos offer fantastic welcome bonuses with cash and free spins. Mobile slot jackpots have become bigger and bigger, with hundreds of thousands of Rands up for grabs.

Mobile Blackjack

Beat the dealer to 21 in a heated game of mobile Blackjack, whether you are at home, at the gym, or on a train. Online blackjack offers all the edge-of-your-seat fun and strategy of traditional Blackjack, with the ability to play anywhere, anytime on your mobile device.

The Future of Mobile Casino Games SA

Image of VR bingo game

Mobile Casinos games for wearables and virtual reality (VR) devices are set to become the next big thing in the mobile casino world. Microgaming was the first to debut mobile slots for a smartwatch with The Dark Knight Rises for the Samsung Gear. The superb graphics signaled a new dawn for the mobile real money gaming industry.

Ever-innovative, Microgaming is also working on VR Roulette. The game uses a controller to track a player’s hand and then display it directly into the game. The player then uses hand motions to move around chips in the digital space. This technology is so impressive that it won the Digital Gaming Innovation of the Year award at the 2016 Global Gaming Awards.

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Mobile Casino Safety FAQs

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