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Customer service should be one of the deciding factors in whether a gambler will play at a specific online casino. In order to get the best experience, casino game players also need the best support. The preferred casino of a gambler should definitely be contactable. Not only that, but the online casino needs to be reachable in a number of different ways. Below are the basic channels that the top online casinos are reachable through.

Online Casino Customer Service Centre

Phone Call – Online Casino Customer Service

Unlike land-based casinos, casinos on the internet often lack that human element. However, SA gamblers can be at ease when they know that there is always someone that can assist them, should they need it. An online casino which has games available 24/7 should also have call centre consultants available around the clock. Many SA gamblers will be pleased to know that some of the best internet casinos will have consultants readily available to assist them in their home language.

Email as An Online Casino Customer Service Channel

A lot of gamblers prefer email as their method of communication with the online casino. This is a great way of getting assistance as casino game players will have the information saved in their inbox for future reference. Communication via email is also usually much cheaper than giving the casino a ring.

Contacting Online Casinos Via Live Chat

The live chat option is like a combination of the phone call option and the email option. While the gambler gets immediate assistance in real time, they do it by writing to a consultant. Using the live chat option is quick and easy, and the player can quickly ask questions between games. Many gamblers have their browser open anyway while playing and responses are almost instantaneous. So, this can be the most affordable way of contacting an online casino.

Customer service is something that is often overlooked by South African gamblers when they are looking for an online casino. This catches up to them when they find themselves in a situation where they need help. So, it is important to compare the customer service methods which are available before choosing an online casino.