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Free play casinos are online casinos that allow South African gamblers to play casino games for free. Most online casinos offer free play versions of their games so that players can have a feel of what the casino has to offer without spending any money. Free play casinos are a form of marketing tool that casinos use to attract new players to register.

Best South African Online Casinos

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Free Play Casino Games SA

Just like playing at a real money casino, players can play a wide variety of casino games such as online blackjack, online roulette, online baccarat, and online slots, among some other casino games. It depends on which games the particular free play casino has on offer. In a free play casino, players can use imaginary money (money that is not real) to wager on casino games. These funds can be used by players to play their favourite casino games. Thanks to great casino software providers, players will experience the same quality graphics and sound quality as they would at a real money casino.

image of free play casinos games South Africa

Free Play Casino Bonuses SA

Free play bonuses and free play winnings can usually not be cashed out at most free play casinos. Players are usually given a time limit when they receive free play casino bonuses. For example, the casino will offer you R1000 free play bonus and give you a 1 hour period. This means that the bonus will only be valid for an hour. If you do not use it within the stated time frame, it expires. In some instances, the casino allows the player to use the free play bonus on any casino game they want. However, it is common for casinos to only allow players to use their free play bonuses on slot games.

image of south african free play casinos bonuses

Advantages of Free Play Casinos SA

While some South African players view Free Play casino to be a waste of time, players can benefit a great deal. Below are the advantages of playing at a free play casino.

Safety at Free Play Casinos

When gamblers play at licenced and regulated free play casinos, they can expect a safe gaming environment. A free play casino does not require players to enter any credit card details or deposit any real money.

Great Casino Experience

Free play casinos are every new casino player’s dream. When playing at a free play casino, players can get to learn casino games without losing any money. Once players feel comfortable with playing casino games they can then switch to real money casinos. Experienced gamblers get the opportunity to try out the casino before they make a decision on whether to play real money casino games at that particular casino.

Free Play Casino Bonuses

As mentioned, players at a free play casino are eligible for free play bonuses. In the best case scenario, players are allowed to cash out the money they win. In some casinos, the free play bonuses can be used as a bonus should the player decide to play for real money.

The Best Free Play Casino Games

When playing at a free play casino, players have access to a wide variety of casino games. Players can play thrilling casino games such as Online Roulette, Blackjack, and many others at no costs.

Free Play Casinos Save Money

The best thing about free play casinos is that players lose absolutely no money when they play at these casinos. There is no requirement for players to deposit any funds into their online casino account. Therefore, loss is non-existent.

Free Play Casinos vs. Real Money Casinos SA

Free play and real money casinos are similar – the main differences are the cash deposits and opportunities to win real money at real money casinos. However, free play casinos have their benefits. It is ideal for players to practice or just do it for the entertainment. So, free play casinos can give players a test drive and get them ready for the real money casino world. Once players feel confident with their casino skills, they can play real money casino games at real money casinos. So if you are wondering which one is better, it depends on what you want. It is exciting to play at a free play casino. On the other hand, it is an even more thrilling experience to play for real money.

image of free play casinos vs real money casinos South Africa

The Best Free Play Casinos SA

Some of the casinos that we feature on our site give players the option to play for free. Players can expect a good gaming experience when playing at these licensed and regulated casinos. Should players wish to advance to play at the real money casino, they will enjoy a safe gaming experience. The best free play casino offers players the below.

The Best Casino Bonuses

When looking for the best free play casinos, players should look out for casino’s that give them the best casino bonuses. Some casinos allow for players to cash out their free play casino bonuses. In some instances, these casinos allow their players to use their free play bonuses as their first deposit when they decide to play for real money.

The Best Casino Games

Although no real money will be involved, players should compare variety of casino games at their preferred free play casinos. Players should be able to play casino games such as Online Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Online Slots.

A Great Casino Experience

Players should look out for free play casinos that offer them a great casino experience. All players should be able to experience seamless gameplay and excellent customer support although they are non-depositing players.

image of the best free play casinos South Africa

Free Play Casinos FAQs

Some South African gamblers are not sure on how Free Play casinos work. Below we will answer the most frequently asked questions about free play casinos.

Are free play casinos the same as real money casinos?

Free play casino and real money casinos are very similar, but the only difference is that players do not need to make any cash deposits when playing at a free play casino.

Do I need to deposit any money when playing at a free play casino?

No. When playing at a free play casino, you do not need to make any cash deposit. You can play casino games for free.

Can I cash out the winnings that I make at a free play casino?

It depends on the free play casino you are playing at. Most online casinos will not allow you to withdraw any of the winnings you make unless you start playing for real money. In some instances, players are allowed to use their free play casino winnings as a first deposit when they play for real money.

Do I need to register a profile at a free play casino?

Yes, you need to register a profile at a free play casino. But, you do not need to enter any of your credit card details as you will not be making any cash deposits.

Can South African gamblers play at free play casinos?

Yes, South African gamblers can play at free play casino that allows South African players.

Is it a waste of time to play at a free play casino?

Not, free play casinos are excellent for newbie casino players. They also serve as a good way to evaluate whether you want to play eventually for real money at the casino.