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Atlantic City Blackjack is a variation of the traditional game of blackjack. The game gets its name from the American resort city with the same name. This version of the game is very straightforward, so anyone with a basic knowledge of blackjack won’t have trouble playing it.

Atlantic City - the namesake of Atlantic City Blackjack

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Atlantic City Blackjack Rules

What separates this version of blackjack from the rest are some unique rules. Below are some basic rules gamblers can expect when playing Atlantic City Blackjack.

  • If the dealer checks for blackjack, the player can use the Late Surrender rule and only lose only of their bet.
  • This version of blackjack is played with eight decks of cards.
  • A maximum of three splits is allowed. Cards with the same value may be split, including all the different cards with a value of 10. Re-splitting is not allowed.
  • Players can double down. This rule means that players can place a second bet which is equal to the first one – for the second bet they will receive an additional card. The player may also use the double down rule after splitting cards.
  • The house edge of the game is 0.36%.
  • The payout for a blackjack hand is usually 3 to 2.
  • If an insurance bet wins, the payout is 2-1.
  • If the player and the dealer gets blackjack at the same time, it’s a draw.

Why Play This Version of Blackjack

Atlantic Blackjack City is an entertaining version of blackjack. Gamblers enjoy experiencing the differences from classic blackjack. Casino game players who especially like the blackjack game also enjoy the new gaming experience that this version has to offer.

Atlantic City Blackjack is named after a city in the USA, but it is played all over the world. The unique rules of this game offer players a fresh take on the game, and for many, it is their favourite version of the game.