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French roulette is a version of the traditional table game of roulette. This version of the game is very similar to European roulette, another version of roulette. Everything is the same in these two versions, except for two rules which make French roulette a better pick for gamblers in South Africa. Read on to find out why playing the French version is better.

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French Roulette Compared to European and American Roulette

American roulette differs vastly from European and French roulette although it may not seem like that at face value. The American version of the game has 38 slots with numbers on the roulette wheel. Whereas European and French roulette has 37 numbered slots on the roulette wheel. The extra compartment in the American roulette wheel is a double zero (00). Because of this seemingly simple difference, the house edge is significantly higher than in the other two versions. Meaning that the player’s odds of winning are lower when playing American roulette.

Difference between American Roulette and European & French Roulette Wheels

French Roulette Compared to European Roulette

The difference between these two versions is what causes the difference in house edge. French roulette has a rule and a variant of it which makes it the more recommendable choice for gamblers.

Version of Roulette French European American
Single or Double Zero Single Single Single & Double
Total Numbers 37 37 38
House Edge 1.35% 2.70% 5.25%

La Partage Rule in French Roulette

This rule translates to “sharing” or “dividing”. It is a fitting name as the player keeps 50% of their bet value when the ball lands on the zero. But, this rule only applies when the player made an outside bet with one of two possible outcomes, for example, red or black, high or low and odds or even.

En Prison Rule in French Roulette

This rule is a type of La Partage rule. En prison is a French term which means in prison. This reference is made to the meaning of the rule in the game of French roulette. If the ball landed on the zero when the player placed a bet on evens or odds, red or black, high or low, the bet is kept “in prison”. This means that the wheel will be spun again with the player’s previous bet while it is kept “in prison”. The player will then either recoup or lose the bet amount depending on the outcome.

In conclusion, gamblers in South Africa and around the world have the best chance of winning when playing the French version of online roulette. The single zero and La Partage rule lowers the house edge to 1.35% from 2.70% in European roulette and 5.25% in American roulette.