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American roulette is one of the three main versions of the roulette game. The other two are French roulette and European roulette. The American version is a popular one at online casinos, and many players enjoy playing it. Read on for more information.

American Roulette Compared to French and European Roulette

Compared to the other main variants of the game, the most significant difference is the double zero (00) on the American roulette wheel. The wheel and the layout in the American version has a single zero (0) as well as a double zero (00). Whereas, gamblers will only find a single zero in the French and European roulette versions. This might seem like a small difference, but the effects are definitely not. Below is a table which shows how the double zero affects the house edge.

American roulette wheel compared to the European & French Roulette wheel

Roulette Version American French European
Zeros Double Single Single
Number of pockets 38 37 37
House Edge 5.25% 1.35% 2.70%


American Roulette Compared to French Version

The French version of the game has unique rules which lower the house edge even more. The La Partage rule is applied in French roulette, or a version of it called the En Prison rule. Read about these rules on the French Roulette page. These rules are not found in the American version. The single zero, as well as the La Partage rule, makes the French version of roulette the best game for gamblers to play in terms of odds. However, many gamblers enjoy the entertainment of American Roulette.

The internet has a variety of roulette versions for gamblers to choose from, but the American one features on the main versions list. Many gamblers in South Africa prefer American roulette because it has straightforward rules and offers great entertainment. Why don’t you try the top roulette versions for yourself and see which one your favourite is?