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Casino Activities in South Africa

Casino activities at South African casinos ensure that the fun never stops for locals as well as visitors. Over the years, land-based casinos have become so much more than just gambling houses. There is so much to do for the whole family. Below are just some of the casino activities that can be expected at casinos in South Africa.

Family Activities

Although the legal gambling age is 18 in South Africa, the entire family is catered for in activities around the actual casino. Parents, guardians and their kids can expect to enjoy facilities and activities such as a creche, the bowling alley, pool areas, laser tag, mini golf and much more.

Casino Activities - Bowling

Shows – Casino Activities

From wine shows and food expos to plays and music shows, these are just some of the types of shows that can be expected when visiting the best SA casinos.

The Big Screen

The largest land-based casino has a cinema on the premises. So, visitors can enjoy the latest movies in the world on a trip to the casino.

Spa Treatments

For those who want to unwind and be pampered, there are spas at the best casinos in South Africa. Their treatments leave their customers refreshed and ready for an amazing gambling outing.


The top casinos in South Africa have restaurants to suit every occasion. From fast foods to fine dining, it is all catered for.

Night Life

The night clubs and party venues at some of SA’s best casinos offer a great atmosphere to either hit the dancefloor or just unwind.

Casino Activities – Conclusion

With so much to do at South African land-based casinos, it is very hard not to have an all-round fun experience. Furthermore, all ages are catered for, and different kinds of casino activities are available. So, whatever the taste, there is something for everyone.