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Online Gambling laws have recently been under the spotlight as the government of the Republic of South Africa tries to modernise the legislation so that it is relevant in the world we are living today. This effort to change the laws was necessitated by the rise of online gambling as a hobby of choice for many people. The popularity of the activity also presents an opportunity to increase government revenue through taxes and levies.

The government has taken the matter of properly regulating this new phenomenon under advisement. They commissioned a parliamentary committee to look into the matter of properly legislating online gambling. The committee submitted their proposed legislative framework to parliament and at the time of writing it was only awaiting the signature of the president. Delay in the commencement of the proposed regulations is due to counter arguments from the Ministry of Trade and Finance.

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Effect of the Online Gambling Laws in South Africa on Individual Players

The current law on online gambling does not restrict individuals from accessing online gambling services. Players do not have to hide from the police will they enjoy the best slots for South African players. There have been no cases of individuals that have been prosecuted for joining, depositing money or playing casino games at online casinos.

online gambling laws south africa

Online Gambling – The Position of the South African Government

Gambling is regulated by the national government. Provincial governments have the powers to licence and legislate gambling in their provinces and areas of jurisdiction. The current national legislation provides for the development of “online gambling policy”. This legislation resulted in the drafting of the National Gambling Amendment Act which was signed by the president but still awaits the announcing of the commencement of the Act. The national government is enacting regulations necessary for the act. These regulations are the “Interactive Gambling Regulations”.

The Interactive Gambling regulations are supposed to provide for the issuing of gambling licences, regulate the player registration and prevent the laundering of money from online gambling. Also, the regulations will protect civic society from the problems associated with online gambling.

According to the new law, the issuing of online gambling licences is not to done by provincial governments like all other forms of gambling. In South Africa, the issuing of online gambling licences is to be done by the National Gambling Board. All taxes and levies that are related to the activity will be remitted to the National Gambling Board.

The Position of the Government - Online Gambling Laws South Africa

Online Gambling Laws FAQs

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Regardless of the seemingly confusing nature of the online gambling laws in South Africa, online gamblers can access and enjoy all forms of online gambling at ease.