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Online casino security and safety is an important factor that gamblers should not overlook. Although South Africans can enjoy their favourite casino games at safe online casinos, there are ones that are not safe to play at. Rogue and blacklisted casinos are the bad apples in the gambling industry that gamblers should always steer clear of.

Online Casino Security South AFrica

Why Should Gamblers Stay Away from Rogue and Blacklisted Casinos

Rogue and blacklisted casinos are those which have questionable business practices. These include scamming gamblers, rigging games, not paying out and running false advertisements. Some more problems which gamblers might experience at these casinos are casino bonus fraud and having their personal and banking details exposed due to no or inadequate encryption software. So, gamblers should stay away from rogue and blacklisted casinos as they do not offer any online casino security.

What Is the Difference Between Rogue and Blacklisted Casinos?

Rogue and blacklisted casinos are essentially the same. The only difference is that blacklisted casinos have been specifically listed. Rogue casinos make it onto a blacklist after they have been reviewed, usually a number of times, to determine whether complaints are isolated incidents. However, casinos can be de-blacklisted over a period of time when they have proven to have good business practices.

Playing at Sites with Top Online Casino Security

The best online casinos in South Africa earn the trust of their gamblers by creating a safe gambling environment for them. One of the ways of maintaining tight online casino security is by having at least 128-bit SSL encryption to safeguard the players banking and personal information. Another way of ensuring strong online casino security is by being audited by a regulatory body, like eCOGRA. This serves to ensure that the casino complies with industry standards and takes the necessary player protection measures.