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Live poker is played using a video stream. So, gamblers get to enjoy seeing the dealer shuffle and deal the cards. And unlike when playing standard online poker, the gambler can put on their best poker face. This can be a good thing for the transition from playing online to gambling at a land-based casino.

Live poker - live dealer poker

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Playing Live Poker Online

Live dealer poker works in the same way standard online poker does. However, what makes live poker stand out is the fact that the table is operated by a croupier in real time. Standard online poker, on the other hand, is computerised and the outcomes are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG).

Live Dealer Poker Variants

Different versions of poker such as Caribbean Stud Poker, Three-card Poker and Texas Hold’em are available on the internet. So, online gamblers will also come across variations of the game when looking for live dealer games. Meaning that players can go for their preferred version of the game to play against a live dealer.

Why Play Live Poker

Gamblers in SA who indulge in the live casino game have their reasons. Below are a few ways in which casino game players benefit from playing live dealer poker.

  • Witnessing every step of the game, instead of having to rely on an RNG
  • The pace of the game is slower than standard online poker games, so it is easier for the player to follow
  • The gambler can enjoy conversations with the dealer and get instant answers to their questions
  • Compared to gambling at a land casino, the player saves money when opting for an online live casino

Live Dealer Poker Conclusion

Poker is a legendary casino game, and live dealer poker just adds to its accolades. Live poker allows gamblers in South Africa to enjoy a similar atmosphere to land casinos. All this while relaxing at their own comfort. The game is the same as the online poker gamblers enjoy at online casinos, but live poker is played against an actual dealer in real time. SA gamblers can also enjoy other live dealer games such as live baccarat, live blackjack and live roulette.