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Horse race betting is a type of sports betting in which gamblers can wager horse racing. It has been around for hundreds of years, and South Africans have also been betting on races for a very long time. Betting on horses can be quite profitable, not only for the elite, like it usually was, but for anyone who wants to stake money on a race.

horse race betting South Africa

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How to Bet on Horses Online

Horse betting is quite straightforward when the gambler has all the necessary knowledge. That is why it is important to gain a good understanding of horse racing and betting in a race. Below are the simple steps which SA gamblers can follow online.

  • Choose your preferred online sportsbook
  • Select the race you would like to bet on
  • Choose the Jockey/Horse you want to bet on
  • Select your bet
  • Place your bet

Horse Race Betting Wager Types

There are different types of wagers that gamblers can place in horse race betting. In order to place the bets, they need to have a clear understanding of their bet and the other options that they have. Below are some of the common betting types in South African horse racing.

Bet to win

This type of bet is also known as a “straight” bet. A bet to win is very straightforward as it simply means that the gambler is betting on the horse they think will come in first place.

Bet to Show

A bet to show means that the gambler is betting that their selected horse will make the first, second or third place. The payouts in this type of bet are less than those of a bet to win because the odds in a bet to show are better.

Bet to Place

This bet depends on the number of horses competing. The bets normally mean that the gambler is wagering on a specific horse making first, second or third place. But, when there are only a few horses competing, the bet could mean that the player can only bet on the first and second places.

Horse race betting is a great way of either engaging on site with a race or enjoying the excitement from home. Many South Africans enjoy this type of sports betting – have you given it a go yet?