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Today, millions of South Africans enjoy a great variety of casino games. But few know where it all started. Top Online Casinos is taking you back in time – all the way back to the roots of gambling. Read on for a brief gambling history.

Gambling History - Vintage roulette photo

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Gambling History Timeline

Gambling has stretched over thousands of years. Although we will not touch on every aspect of gambling history, below are some of the notable highlights.

c.2300 BC – Lottery Style Games History

Evidence that is believed to date back to around 2300 BC in Ancient China was discovered. This evidence consists of tiles which were believed to have been part of a lottery style game. There is also evidence of keno slips that are believed to have existed during this time.

c.800 AD – Card Games History

Around the 9th century is believed to be the period during which playing cards made their first mark in the world. The initial rules used in card games are said to have changed drastically. Not only that but the stakes and appearance of the cards as well.

 c.1600 – Blackjack History

Some believe that the game of blackjack originated from a Spanish game called “Ventiuna”. However, the name of the game, blackjack, which gamblers have come to love was coined in Nevada, USA around the 1930s.

1796 – Roulette History

Gamblers in France played the earliest version of roulette during this time. Over the years, the game has gained different versions. Today, the main versions of the game are American, European and French roulette.

1891 – Slot Machines History

Slots can be traced back to New York during this time. The earliest version of a slot machine was based on poker as it had 50 card faces. Between now and then, slots have become one of the most popular casino games.

1994 – Online Gambling History

This year marked the beginning of great things. Gamblers could play their favourite casino games from the comfort of their homes. Since then, internet casinos have also become available on mobile devices, and South Africans are enjoying the convenience.