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Springbok Casino is Paying Tribute to Dolphins during Dolphin Awareness Month

With 2017 already rolling out the third month, there are many special days, weeks and months. March marks international Dolphin Awareness month and Springbok Casino is fully supporting this wonderful cause.

image of Dolphins in the ocean - Dolphin Awareness Month

Dolphin Awareness Month at Springbok Casino

Springbok Casino is assisting in raising awareness around these compassionate, intelligent and social animals. The casino is also emphasising the vulnerability of these animals. Dolphins are threatened in many ways, including fishing, hunting, capture as well as exploitation.

A Sad Reality of How Dolphins are Treated

Daniel van Wyk, casino manager at Springbok, says that his perception of these animals was changed forever while on vacation. He thought it was going to be a fun day out swimming with dolphins before he realized that the dolphins did not seem happy at all in the small shallow pools. He notes that they were not only trapped in small enclosures, but they were also forced to entertain tourists. Daniel then went on to create a Dolphin Awareness page on Springbok Casino’s website. The page consists on interesting questions and answers as well as videos.

image of Dolphin Show - Dolphin Awareness Month

South Africans can Help Dolphins

A simple but important way of helping dolphins is by checking tuna labels before buying it. Dolphin-friendly tuna is usually labeled – this label means that there were no dolphins killed while catching the tuna.

Dolphin Awareness Month Springbok Casino Bonus

Gamblers in South Africa can look forward to 25 free spins on the Crystal Waters Slot this month. Players at Springbok Casino can redeem their free spins using the coupon code “DOLPHINES”. This offer is valid until the end of March 2017.

Apart from the Crystal Waters slot, players can enjoy a wide variety of online slots and table games at the casino. Springbok casino games are powered by RealTime Gaming – a leading software provider in the industry. Players can enjoy games at this casino on their mobile devices and computers. Furthermore, customer support is available in English and Afrikaans.

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