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Are Casino Games Rigged?

Every now and then, players wonder if casino games are fair, especially after they have lost badly. And, this is completely understandable because gambling does have serious financial consequences.

At the end of the day, your goal is to make some money. What is the point of playing if your opponents (usually, the casino) has unfair advantage?

So, are casino games rigged or are they all legit? Explore the facts below!

Are casino games rigged - play fair games

Do Casinos Cheat?

Casinos are businesses, and their main aim is to make profit from punters. However, this does not mean they can do as they please. There are laws and regulations put in place to ensure that they, like any other business, operate in a fair and legal manner.

Although the casino may set the odds in their favour, this is not classified as a criminal act.

Rigging casino games means manipulating or altering game mechanisms to get a certain outcome, and that is illegal. If a casino is found to cheat in their games, they could have their operating license revoked or completely shut down.

Gambling regulators are very strict when it comes to unfair business conduct, which is why it would be highly unlikely for a legit casino to actively rig its games. The law for gambling fraud is similar for cheating players and casino employees. Both can be prosecuted.

Play Fair Casino Games Online

Both land-based and online casinos are constantly audited by government authorities and independent parties to ensure that gaming is fair. These agencies also ensure that random number generators (RNG) used in casino games are, in fact, producing random outcomes.

This is why it is important to choose to play only at licensed and regulated casinos for a safe gambling experience. We have a list of legit online casinos that you can choose from. Browse through our site to get started!

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